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Urvanov's Pretty Virtual Pets

Welcome to Urvanov's Pretty Virtual Pets. Here you can create your virtual pet.

Urvanov's Pretty Virtual Pets - it is written with Java technology using Spring Framework + Hibernate application without piano, providing users with the ability to chat with, play multiplayer games, single pass quests and, of course, take care of the pet, such as feeding him drink, play with him, train him, and dress him in a variety of elegant clothes.


The interface allows you to look in the refrigerator in order to select the most delicious treats for pet. Water cooler is always full to quench his thirst. But pet needs help player since he can not press the button. TV is not included. Books not selected. Pressing the red arrow moves the player into the wonderful world where he can get a variety of silks and spices your baby animals.


Pressing door opens

At gray house the space,

Where treasures wait

Items search adventure.

Spider, lamp, Dutch cheese,

Sable on the wall,

Pile of gold, and after a giant chest.

Find it and take yourself.

Torch shines play

In the empty armor along the wall.

Find your four goals

Among these antiquities.